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XOM eProcurement is a stand-alone solution for companies in the steel and metals industry to connect, purchase and sell online

Reduce your procurement process to a few clicks

Send requests, get offers and place purchase orders in one single tool. Reduce manual tasks and save money and time.

Connect, buy and sell online

We offer digitalization expertise to enable companies in the materials industry to connect, purchase and sell online.

Go digital without the need of in-house IT resources

XOM eProcurement helps you to go digital effortlessly. With our out-of-the-box web application, no in-house IT resources are needed.

Data protection and security is a top priority for us

We have strict measures in place to protect the data of our buyers and suppliers.

Integrated into your existing IT environment

Our cloud-based tool integrates easily into your existing IT environment. Our openAPI enables fully automated data exchange with any system you have in place.

Make better business decisions

Our intuitive digital solution is enriched with data to help you make data-driven decisions.

Many buyers and suppliers already use and benefit from XOM eProcurement

What's happening at XOM

Unlocking Efficiency: How ChatGPT can improve Product Mapping in the Steel and Metals Industry

Before we dive into the benefits of using artificial intelligence (AI) in product mapping, what’s product mapping? Product mapping is about capturing product information, such as dimensions, material and any other relevant characteristic of a product.

XOM Materials is Top Startup Employer!

According to a study by Statista and Business Punk, XOM Materials is one of the startups with the highest employer attractiveness.

Major milestone reached: Automated data exchange for suppliers in XOM eProcurement

Thanks to an API, suppliers can process RFQs and quotes directly within their own system.

It’s a match: Mapping of products from buyers & suppliers

Automated mapping reduces effort for both buyers and suppliers

Create and send out RFQs – It can be that easy

Create your RFQs without much effort via the intuitive user interface.

Steel in space - Eight facts about rockets, space junk and innovation

Did you also want to reach for the stars as a child? In many elementary school classes, "astronaut" is one of the most popular career aspirations. But the path to this goal is difficult to realize; only very few find their way into the aerospace industry. If you decided to pursue a career in the steel industry instead, this is the right article for you. We take a look at steel in space, space junkand the big cleanup in orbit.

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