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Compare quotes in seconds with XOM eProcurement

Published on November 25, 2020

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Here we present the XOM eProcurement offer matrix in more detail.

Buyers who use XOM's eProcurement tool benefit above all from the clarity and comparability of numerous quotes. This makes the purchasing process much easier and faster. The manual, often tedious comparison of quotes and the transfer to separate Excel lists is no longer necessary. Here we present the XOM eProcurement quotation matrix in more detail.

This is the XOM eProcurement Quotation Matrix

The XOM eProcurement quotation matrix is the clear display of all quotations from different vendors that buyers receive after their request. "Our customers often describe the quote matrix as the biggest advantage of XOM eProcurement, because quotes are automatically compared and prices and their composition are transparently displayed side by side," explains Alexander Bindrim, Sales Manager at XOM.

XOM Materials | XOM eProcurement | Quotation Matrix | Simplify materials purchasing

XOM Materials | XOM eProcurement | Quotation Matrix | Simplify materials purchasing

Compare prices, delivery dates and more on one screen to decide on supplier selection

After his online request, a buyer receives quotes on the XOM eProcurement platform. These must be compared quickly and the best offer must be determined. In XOM's quote matrix, buyers not only see the final prices, but can also view delivery times, packaging costs, transportation surcharges and payment terms. 

The data is clearly displayed next to each other. The offer with the best price appears on a green background on the left side of the offer overview. Of course, the buyer can also choose to receive a different offer if, for example, the interest in a quick delivery of the desired products is greater than the desire for the best price.

Make an appointment now for a free live online demo with our Sales Expert 

Are you a buyer and would like to learn more about the XOM eProcurement quote matrix and other features of the tool? Make an appointment now for a free live online demo with Sales Manager Alexander Bindrim.

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