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Inquired at ... Alexander Bindrim - Sales Manager at XOM

Published on November 26, 2020

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Alexander Bindrim is Sales Manager E-Commerce at XOM Materials and advises customers in the field of materials purchasing regarding our eProcurement tool. We asked Mr. Bindrim about his responsibilities at XOM Materials and the functions of XOM eProcurement.

I enjoy working with a great team to promote digitization in a large and exciting industry - and being in close contact with our customers.

Alexander Bindrim, Sales Manager E-Commerce at XOM Materials

Mr. Bindrim, how long have you been with XOM Materials and what are your responsibilities?
I joined the XOM team in August 2019. One of my responsibilities is to show our customers and suppliers the potential of our products. In doing so, I also accompany and advise our customers in the implementation and further use of our tools. Last but not least, I also act as an interface between our IT department and the users based on their feedback. In this way, customer requirements can be implemented quickly and our solutions can be improved even further. 

What did you do professionally before you joined XOM Materials? 
I worked in the sales department of a medium-sized trading company for semi-finished metal products for ten years and then worked for an online marketplace for steel and non-ferrous metals for two years before I became part of the XOM Materials team. 

What do you enjoy most about working at XOM Materials?
I enjoy working with a great team to promote digitization in a large and exciting industry - and being in close contact with our customers.

You primarily advise customers on the XOM eProcurement tool. Can you briefly explain what the tool is and what benefits it brings? 
XOM eProcurement is a central digital platform that streamlines and automates the entire material procurement process - from demand aggregation, RFQ, procurement matrix matching, price negotiation and ordering - all in a single tool. As a buyer, you save time, money and resources and can spend more time on strategic tasks. In addition, the time-consuming manual transfer of offers in Excel lists is no longer necessary. The offer matrix makes the tool particularly practical for buyers.

What is meant by the offer matrix?
The buyer sees all offers from his suppliers displayed next to each other on the screen. He receives a purchasing recommendation based on prices and delivery times. All prices relevant for purchasing are clearly compared. This allows buyers to compare concrete costs at item level and the total value of the order at a glance. In addition, buyers can negotiate prices with suppliers directly in the matrix. 

For which target groups is the XOM eProcurement tool particularly suitable?
The solution is particularly suitable for buyers who receive offers from their usual suppliers and mills and want to compare them - but in a simple digital way. This is exactly where XOM comes in and provides the technology to enable such networking and processing between buyers and sellers. Producers also benefit from the simple ERP integration, which in the future will also enable the mapping of rolling plans and other organizational steps. XOM eProcurement can be adapted to the most diverse needs and use cases.

Are there comparable solutions on the market so far?
No, the XOM eProcurement tool for the procurement of industrial materials is unique on the market. 

Is there a possibility for interested parties to have a look at the eProcurement tool without obligation?
Of course, we offer interested parties a non-binding presentation of the tool. 

And how can you best be reached for this?
Please feel free to send an e-mail to eprocurement@xom-materials.com or make an appointment online here.

Many thanks for the interview!

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