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XOM eProcurement explained in a few seconds

Published on November 26, 2020

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Learn how XOM eProcurement can help increase your productivity in less than 90 seconds.

XOM eProcurement tool makes buying steel simple.

Are you still buying steel using traditional methods? Are you receiving quotes via fax, email, spreadsheets, or a phone call in different formats? Are you finding it difficult to compare these quotes as they are in different units or pricing formats, and where some include shipping charges and others do not? Are your spending hours breaking down these quotes by entering them in a spreadsheet or your production or ERP system? Are you frustrated keeping track of different negotiated prices? If you recognize these frustrations, you will love our XOM eProcurement solution.

Create RFQs with a few clicks

It optimizes and automates the entire procurement process of materials. You can easily create RFQs in the tool and select your preferred suppliers. The selected suppliers will send quotes which will be shown in a simple format and clear structure of all pricing components. Now you can easily compare net price, shipping cost and delivery time from all your Suppliers, making it easy for you to decide which supplier to purchase from. Via the integrated chat function, you can easily negotiate prices before you make your final purchasing decision. XOM eliminates time-consuming and error-prone work steps through a streamlined purchasing process.

Do you want to receive the best offer that meets your needs in terms of delivery time, price and quality? Get in touch with XOM materials today to discuss how we can simplify your steel procurement process.

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Compare quotes in seconds with XOM eProcurement

Here we present the XOM eProcurement offer matrix in more detail.

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