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Unlocking Efficiency: How ChatGPT can improve Product Mapping in the Steel and Metals Industry

Published on April 25, 2023

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Before we dive into the benefits of using artificial intelligence (AI) in product mapping, what’s product mapping? Product mapping is about capturing product information, such as dimensions, material and any other relevant characteristic of a product.

Why is product mapping important in the steel and metals industry?

While product specifications provide a useful starting point for understanding a product, we have learnt that they may not provide enough information to buyers and suppliers in the steel and metals industry to work more efficiently. Product mapping helps to identify and classify different steel and metal products based on their properties, composition and manufacturing process. 

Benefits of using AI in product mapping

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) can take product mapping to the next level. Here are some of the advantages we experienced:

  • Increased data accuracy: ChatGPT can help improve the accuracy of product mappings by correctly identifying product specifications in real time. 
  • Faster data processing: ChatGPT can process large amounts of data much faster than humans. This means that product mappings can be created and updated faster, improving overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced product-service: By mapping different steel and metal products, more data is available to provide our users with more insights, analytics and customised recommendations.

In conclusion, the steel and metals industry can benefit significantly from the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in product mapping. With increased data accuracy, faster data processing and enlarged product services, artificial intelligence (AI) can help buyers and suppliers work more efficiently and effectively. As the steel and metals sector continues to evolve, artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to play an increasingly important role in product mapping and other aspects of the supply chain, and we at XOM are excited to see how with artificial intelligence (AI) we can take our procurement application to the next level.

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