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Price Negotiations with XOM eProcurement

Published on January 19, 2021

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Price renegotiation is part of the daily routine for buyers when procuring materials such as steel and non-ferrous metals. We at XOM Materials know this from experience. In this article we present you the negotiation function in XOM eProcurement in more detail.

Negotiate prices online: This is how it works

In XOM eProcurement, you often receive offers from several suppliers, which are shown to you in the offer matrix. There you will find the negotiation symbol next to the prices. With one click, an additional window opens where you can start your price negotiation. You simply enter the value per lb that you have in mind. The supplier to whom you make the counteroffer will receive a message about this and can accept your offer or make another counteroffer. If you agree, the supplier confirms the negotiated price, which then also appears in your offer matrix. The supplier can also specify whether they want to offer you the negotiated price once or on recurring purchases.

All industry requirements implemented

With XOM eProcurement, you don't have to sacrifice any step of your usual materials purchasing process. The tool is tailored to the needs of the materials industry and, in addition to the price negotiation function, offers you a quotation overview, the option of integrating your existing supplier network, uploading Excel lists with the requirements from your ERP system and much more. Feel free to arrange for a free live demo. We will show you your possibilities with XOM eProcurement.

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