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5 classic mistakes when taking the first steps toward digitization

Published on January 6, 2021

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We've summarized five classic mistakes entrepreneurs make when digitizing their business processes.

Table of Content

1) Doing nothing at all

2) Doing everything at once

3) Relying on the wrong tools

4) Lose sight of data protection

5) Not involving the people it affects

1) Doing nothing at all

This is perhaps the biggest mistake of all. In the long run, doing nothing regarding digitization is probably the biggest risk for businesses. The COVID pandemic emphasizes that. Companies that have addressed the topic of digitization early on can react quite differently to the COVID pandemic and are usually more successful than their analog competitors in other respects as well. 

Read here how our customer C.E. Schneckenflügel was able to increase its business figures by 50% in the last four years through digital processes

2) Doing everything at once

Companies that want to digitize their processes often tackle too many issues at once and thus lose track of everything – both in terms of costs and potential implementation. Think carefully about which digital processes will move your company forward. What is important to you? Which problems can you solve for your employees through digitization? Which measures will ultimately bring added value to your customers? Read here how our customer Husemann & Hücking got their own online store up and running in just a few weeks and without needing any own IT resources.

3) Relying on the wrong tools

You are an expert in your field. That's why you know the requirements of your industry inside out. You should rely on digital tools whose providers know what you need or might need later in the collaboration. The cheapest provider is not always the best. Read here how our customer TPS was able to benefit from XOM Materials' industry expertise and expanded its business areas with an online sales channel.

4) Lose sight of data protection

Data protection is important for every company. This especially applies to your digital data. Always ensure data protection-compliant processes to avoid losing not only your personal data, but especially confidential business information. You can read how XOM Materials is ensuring data security for customers and partners here.

5) Not involving the people it affects

Many entrepreneurs opt for digital tools without bringing their employees on board in the decision-making process. Yet they are the specialists in their respective fields and can define the requirements for functions of digital tools very well. Benefit from the specialized knowledge of your employees and involve them in finding suitable digitization strategies.

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