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"Companies that don’t digitize are giving the money away"

Published on January 19, 2021

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C.E. Schneckenflügel uses the XOM eProcurement solution for its entire procurement process. The company benefits from leveraging digital capabilities.

The tool was set up quickly and has directly led to a simplification of the ordering process.

Rolf Eiting, CEO Schneckenflügel

"Companies that don’t digitize are giving the money away."

C.E. Schneckenflügel specializes in the production of precision-manufactured screw blades tailored to the exact needs of its customers. Managing Director Rolf Eiting sees digitization as an opportunity to optimize processes. The company benefits from digital capabilities in the following ways:

  • Efficient procurement process (faster, cheaper, automated)
  • No more expensive spot purchases
  • Simplified offer comparison

When Rolf Eiting, Managing Director of C.E. Schneckenflügel, needs new material, he makes a single request in XOM eProcurement, which is sent to all suppliers relevant to him. He then receives all offers in the same format and can make the right purchasing decision at a glance - and order his material at the best price or best time with just a few clicks. “My employees and I are convinced of XOM eProcurement as a procurement solution. The tool was set up quickly and has directly led to a simplification of the ordering process," says Rolf Eiting.

50 percent sales increase through digitization

For C.E. Schneckenflügel, optimizing the procurement process was the logical next step after integrating a new ERP system. In combination, the digital tools provide the company with faster, cheaper and automated procurement. The company thus avoids expensive spot purchases as far as possible. "Companies that don’t digitize are giving the money away. In the last four years, we have been able to increase our sales by 50 percent through digitization," says Rolf Eiting.

You can read the full success story of C.E. Schneckenflügel and its use of XOM eProcurement here. For more information on the use and benefits of XOM eProcurement, click here.

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