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Easily split your order between different suppliers for every RFQ

Published on February 15, 2021

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Optimize your orders with XOM eProcurement.

From now on, users of the XOM eProcurement tool have the possibility to further optimize their orders via a new function: Their requirements can now be divided among different suppliers. Imagine a scenario were you need your products really fast but want to fill up your warehouse with the needed products at the same time: You send out an RFQ and purchase half of your products from SteelMaker GmbH who are able to send them out right away. The other half you purchase  from Affordable Steel GmbH which offers a better price.

For every auction, every order can be split between different suppliers

To do so, click in the new field under the colored marker for the cheapest and the most expensive offer. There you can enter the quantity that you want to assign to the supplier. After clicking on the checkmark, the costs in the overview will adjust automatically.

Would you like to know how it exactly works in the tool? Our video explains step by step how to assign different order quantities to different suppliers.

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Rolf Eiting fully digitized his purchasing processes
Rolf Eiting fully digitized his purchasing processes
"Companies that don’t digitize are giving the money away"

C.E. Schneckenflügel uses the XOM eProcurement solution for its entire procurement process. The company benefits from leveraging digital capabilities.

Price Negotiations with XOM eProcurement

Price renegotiation is part of the daily routine for buyers when procuring materials such as steel and non-ferrous metals. We at XOM Materials know this from experience. In this article we present you the negotiation function in XOM eProcurement in more detail.

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