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Security and privacy at XOM Materials

Published on April 29, 2021

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We share our approach to securing your data and safeguarding your privacy while using our tools.

In terms of privacy — I think it is one of the top issues of the century.

Tim Cook, CEO Apple

Today more and more businesses are benefiting from the shift from bricks and mortar to digital commerce. XOM Materials has created a vital digital ecosystem for companies trading materials such as steel, metals, and plastics. For most of these companies, XOM Materials is their first exposure to a 24/7 digital sales and procurement solution. Therefore, it’s understandable that some clients may have concerns about the security and privacy of their data. 

They might wonder about the security practices of XOM Materials’ staff. They may question whether their data is visible to competitors or whether we have access to their trade secrets or even plans to share them. Our white paper answers these and further questions and gives insights into the security and privacy practices of XOM Materials. 

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Rolf Eiting fully digitized his purchasing processes
Rolf Eiting fully digitized his purchasing processes
"Companies that don’t digitize are giving the money away"

C.E. Schneckenflügel uses the XOM eProcurement solution for its entire procurement process. The company benefits from leveraging digital capabilities.

Price Negotiations with XOM eProcurement

Price renegotiation is part of the daily routine for buyers when procuring materials such as steel and non-ferrous metals. We at XOM Materials know this from experience. In this article we present you the negotiation function in XOM eProcurement in more detail.

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