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With XOM Marketplace we want to expand our customer service

Published on April 24, 2020

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NICROMAL from Schleswig-Holstein, a real specialist among steel traders now offers its products on XOM Marketplace. 

Small but special

Formula 1 racing cars, power plants and naval shipbuilding have one thing in common: NICROMAL in Henstedt-Ulzburg may have supplied some components, as the stainless steel and metal trade specialises in "urgent and special requirements" as well as application-specific qualities. 

Michael Näther founded the company in 2012 after many years of working for larger dealers. These companies sell significantly higher quantities, but Michael Näther was simply more attracted to "the special cases". "The requirements for a stair railing are simply completely different from those we supply steel that will later be used by the marine or aviation industry", the NICROMAL managing director soberly states. "Our aim is not to find other even cheaper producers, but to offer the customer the best solution for the respective application within the shortest possible time". Consequently, his eight-member team is intensively involved in consulting and customer specifications as well as in the identification of materials that meet the highest standards - even if only small quantities are sometimes sold over the counter. 

All specifications available

"We sell our products to over 60 countries worldwide, even to China," says Näther. "Others buy bulk goods in Asia, we deliver high-quality parts there." NICROMAL customers come from the fields of apparatus engineering, shipbuilding, power plant construction, chemical plant construction, aerospace engineering, medical technology and defence technology. With selected, in-house warehousing and a network of highly qualified service and supply companies, NICROMAL can quickly deliver practically any specification. "Our customers supply racing teams from BMW, Mercedes or Ferrari. They experiment with new materials to make the cars even lighter, more stable and faster", says Näther. "This takes us into the area of research and development, where extreme properties are required. The products we offer are more or less unique. Some of them can only be found two or three times throughout Europe.

Selling outside office hours

Since spring, NICROMAL has also been offering part of its portfolio digitally on XOM Marketplace. The B2B sales platform unites the offerings of a wide range of material suppliers, from aluminum and stainless steel to plastics for industrial applications. For NICROMAL, the decision to participate in a digital sales channel was not entirely obvious: "Our niche business is very consulting-intensive, a lot of business is done in analogue", says Näther. "However, we are currently not getting enough suitable specialist personnel. Thanks to XOM Materials, we can now shift part of our business - where less or no special consulting is required - to eCommerce. This would enable NICROMAL customers to find out about prices and availability and order products even after office hours. "I see the XOM Marketplace as an additional service for our customers, we will continuously expand our online offer".

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