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Product filters: It's a match!

Published on February 24, 2020

1 min read

The new product-matcher makes shopping on the XOM Marketplace even easier.

If you shop online, you surely want to find the items you are looking for as fast as possible. With the many specifications of steel, metal and plastic products, this can be a real challenge. XOM Marketplace, the B2B platform for trading materials, now has a new feature called "Product Matcher" which makes searching easier.

For the main search filters like "Material" or "Format" it is now possible to enter some text in a user-friendly input field, which can sometimes be faster than to checkmark in the common filter search. To make it easier for you, the subcategories only list those properties that are relevant for the search. For product groups that do not have certain attributes, these are not displayed. Buyers therefore only see the options they need. It is also possible to display all items according to availability. The new product matcher speeds up the product search overall.
You can find the product matcher on all subcategory pages , such as perforated sheetsroundbarsthreaded pipes etc. The best for you is to try it out right away. 

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