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I was pleasantly surprised how easily XOM did it.

Published on April 1, 2020

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With BELMET, the digital marketplace for materials has a new addition from Austria. The wholesaler distributes the steel products of the Belarusian supplier BMZ.

Linz is an important steel centre and one of the largest industrial locations in Austria with an important Danube port. No wonder that BELMET Handelsgesellschaft mbH has its headquarters there. BELMET is a subsidiary of the leading Belarusian steel producer BMZ, which offers wire products, tubes and round steel. BELMET acts as one of the most important sales partners in Central Europe and in potential development regions such as North Africa. What distinguishes BELMET is a comprehensive and customer-specific range of services in the areas of logistics, warehousing and financing.

Generation N26 takes over 

Maximilian Ortner is rather new to the team. Beside his Key Account Management responsibilities, he is also in charge of the digital transformation at BELMET: "We are currently working on tracking deliveries, but with XOM we also want to bring a breath of fresh air into sales and push eCommerce. So XOM Marketplace came just in time with the offer to start a digital sales channel without any IT investments required.” Like already more than 50 other traders, BELMET decided to use the digital marketplace for materials like steel, metal and plastic. In principle, a trader only has to supply photos and item descriptions digitally, everything else is handled by XOM Materials GmbH, which operates the platform from Berlin. 

"I was pleasantly surprised how easy XOM made it," admits Maximilian Ortner, who last year worked for the online bank N26 in the Operational Intelligence department and was able to gain valuable experience with digital tools. "During my time at the Berlin start-up, I heard about XOM for the first time and found the idea of digitizing the steel industry exciting.” 

Marketplace brings advantages

On the XOM Marketplace, BELMET mainly offers seamless tubes and round steel in very narrow dimensional tolerances. Buyers can purchase these online and only need to register on the XOM Marketplace. The list of results can be quickly narrowed down using various search filters for shape, material and diameter. Availability and delivery times can then be viewed online and prices can also be negotiated via the digital marketplace. 

"With XOM, buyers can make the entire ordering process more efficient," says Maximilian Ortner. "An eCommerce system like this makes shopping faster and easier. A marketplace like XOM offers even more advantages for buyers, because they can obtain offers and order products from several suppliers at once. This makes sense and has a future."

To the BELMET products on the XOM Marketplace

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