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HÄRTER uses digital platform for secondary exploitation

Published on March 1, 2020

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The tool and stamping parts manufacturer from Baden-Württemberg now sells its steel remnants via the XOM Marketplace.

It is hardly possible for a large manufacturer to always buy as much steel as production requires at the moment. At Härter Stanztechnik GmbH from Königsbach-Stein near Karlsruhe, it is no different. The company produces stamped, bent and drawn parts, metal-plastic technology or assemblies primarily for automotive suppliers, who use them to manufacture ABS control units, transmissions or brake systems. Härter maintains production capacities on three continents with more than 130 high-performance automatic punching machines with tonnages from 25 to 400 tons. All punchable materials with sheet thicknesses of 0.02 to 3 millimeters are processed.

Resell coils online

"The materials we purchase are always suitable for only one item, because they always require their own specifications. So thickness, tolerances or strength are always different," explains Dirk Tank, Head of Purchasing at Härter Stanztechnik. "There are often leftovers in the range of five, twenty or even sometimes a hundred tons." Previously, the unused material was simply scrapped, but now the long-established company is trading it on the digital marketplace of XOM Materials. Already 50 dealers offer their materials for an international clientele in Europe and the USA. Buyers only need to register and can then use the platform to obtain offers, negotiate prices and delivery conditions with dealers - all online. "We also see eCommerce as very useful in the B2B sector, because digital selling saves us many analogue work steps," says Dirk Tank. "A digital marketplace like XOM's makes sense for efficiency reasons alone.

Easy entry into eCommerce

Härter currently offers coils made of carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and brass on the XOM Marketplace. The way to digitalization was very easy, because the IT experts at XOM took care of that: "The onboarding went very well. We received the requirements, in which form we had to deliver which data, then there were two phone calls for coordination - all in all, it was very easy," summarizes Dirk Tank. "For us, the sale of our residual steels is also a contribution to sustainability; after all, this is a high-quality material that now directly benefits other consumers.

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