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XOM Materials wins 50th seller for B2B platform

Published on September 14, 2019

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The independent B2B platform has reached a new milestone: In its second year of existence, the XOM Marketplace now has 50 sellers under contract and 600 registered buyers from Europe and the USA.

The variety is impressive: The XOM Marketplace, an independent platform for the materials industry, was able to expand its product range to around 20,000 articles this year. At the same time, the number of sellers has increased fivefold within one year to currently 50. The suppliers come from the steel, metal and plastics sectors, for some the XOM Marketplace is the only digital sales channel.

Revolutionizing materials management

Of the 50 dealers under contract in Europe and the United States, 33 have already been connected to the platform. In Spain alone, ten dealers have already signed a contract to participate in the platform. In total, the 50 dealers generate total annual sales of over 20 billion euros, some of which are to be digitized via the platform.

In addition, the platform will in future be complemented by eShops and eProcurement solutions, so that the Berlin operating company XOM Materials GmbH now also acts as a digital provider overall. "We have achieved impressive growth in the past year," explains Marek Sacha, CEO of XOM Materials. "We are still at the beginning of our journey, but we are well on our way to becoming the dominant vertical platform for steel, other metals and plastics. Our digital processes will revolutionize materials management in the future."

Digital know-how plus industry knowledge

With the signing of the contract by the 50th dealer, XOM Materials has reached an important milestone in the still young history of the company. XOM Materials was founded in Berlin in 2017 with the aim of establishing a procurement platform for all products and services related to the manufacturing industry. The B2B platform XOM Marketplace was officially launched in March 2018. This was followed by the opening of two further locations: the German branch in Duisburg is home to parts of the sales organization and the branch in Atlanta in the US state of Georgia bundles activities on the American market.

For the new eProcurement and eShop solutions there are already the first customers who appreciate the fact that XOM combines digital know-how with industry knowledge from the materials industry.

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Online orders benefit our dealers

The XOM Marketplace might be well know for steel and metals but can also do plastics: Röchling, an important German manufacturer, is now enriching the digital materials platform.

A digital marketplace makes absolute sense

Otto Zickwolff GmbH wants to become more digital. The seller is part of the XOM Marketplace and is currently training its first "e-commerce salesman" - a job description that only emerged a year ago.

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From production to sales to customer service, the steel supplier relies on digital tools and is thus one of the most modern in Germany. SCHÄFER Perforated Metal is now also a dealer on the XOM Marketplace.

AMCO trusts the XOM Marketplace

The Bremen-based metal trader is expanding its digital strategy and is using the XOM Materials platform in addition to its own online shop.

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