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With XOM into the digital future

Published on February 29, 2020

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XOM digitizes the materials trade with steel, metal and plastics. In the meantime, some providers have already had positive experiences with the digital marketplace or eShop offers from XOM.

One step further towards digital future

Alexander Tumasjan is convinced of the advantages of digitalization, also in the B2B sector. The Sales Director at SCHÄFER Perforated Metal was involved in the digital transformation of the specialist supplier: "The comprehensive digitalization affects both the production processes and the customer-oriented processes. We focus on customer satisfaction with our multichannel strategy. If you prefer direct exchange, we are happy to advise you personally. For those who feel more comfortable online, we offer extensive digital services."

SCHÄFER Perforated Metal is one of the 50 vendors who now use the XOM Marketplace to offer their products on a stable and secure digital platform. Here, buyers only have to register and verify their identity and can then search for products online, obtain quotes and also conduct price negotiations via the Marketplace. "I think that the digital services from SCHÄFER and XOM Materials complement each other well," says Alexander Tumasjan. "On a platform like the XOM Marketplace, customers can order online from several suppliers at the same time. Something like this will certainly become more and more the norm. As we have had good experiences with our own webshop, we now want to go one step further with XOM towards our digital future." 

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Platform brings further simplification 

AMCO, the Bremen-based non-ferrous metal trader, also relies on the XOM Marketplace to complement its own web shop. Managing Director Maximilian Krämer is certain that this path is trend-setting and irreversible. "I see the medium-term future of metal trade in a multi-channel distribution. The reduction of transaction costs is so attractive for customers and suppliers that e-commerce will play a major role in some segments, especially commodities." This would allow more inquiries to be processed per day and a higher number of orders to be generated.

For AMCO it was logical to participate in an online platform like the XOM Marketplace. A whole series of retailers are represented here, which brings additional advantages for buyers. "Business customers are changing their purchasing behavior. Experiences from their private online shopping world are often addressed to us as expectations. As a B2B provider, we must see this as an incentive to make our shops and platforms as user-friendly as possible."

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"A digital marketplace makes perfect sense"

"I think that you should definitely use all the sales channels available to you," also believes Roland Rebeck, Head of Marketing at Otto Zickwolff GmbH. "In the steel sector, there's still a lot going on via telephone and e-mail, but I'm sure that e-shops and platforms will prevail here as well.” This is also a question for generations: "Young buyers will want to shop in the B2B sector just as they are used to in their private lives, namely simply and clearly on the Internet. At some point it will no longer work without the Internet. A digital marketplace like that of XOM Materials makes perfect sense." Rebeck also appreciates the attractive conditions of the digital platform, after all, the entry into the XOM Marketplace was free of charge - costs are only incurred in the form of commissions on sales.

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"XOM’s knowledge of the market quickly convinced us."

Husemann & Hücking Profile GmbH has worked with XOM Materials from the beginning. The manufacturer of special profiles was aware of the fact that it would be impossible to set up their own online shop and took up the offer to use a professionally for the industry tailored web shop from XOM, so to speak as a "turnkey" solution. After all, an online shop also includes other things such as data protection regulations, the uploading of product data, access regulations and customer registration - "managing and keeping an eye on all this yourself is expensive and time-consuming," explains André Langer, Sales and Marketing Manager at Husemann & Hücking Profile GmbH."The people acting at XOM Materials quickly convinced us with their market knowledge in the product area of steel and the steel trade. The communication and understanding of our products could be implemented quickly and very professionally".

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Simple Process

Even large plastics manufacturers like Röchling use digital services from XOM Materials. Röchling Industrial has offered its products on XOM's B2B platform since 2019. "The question is: can we offer our customers an even better service with new digital possibilities and approaches," explains Oliver Bender, Head of Digital Projects at Röchling Industrial. "Internally, we are very busy increasing process efficiency, but of course eCommerce also plays an important role for us. The leads we generate online are passed on to our merchants. So with our online strategy, we're trying to strengthen the trade."

The advantage for providers of a digital platform is that they can quickly access an eCommerce channel. The XOM Marketplace already exists with all the structures and features required for online trading. New providers can benefit immediately. "The onboarding process at XOM went smoothly," confirms Oliver Bender. "We sent our product data to XOM via Excel and their IT experts created the articles on the Marketplace. This has been a very simple process."

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