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Online orders benefit our dealers

Published on December 26, 2019

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The XOM Marketplace might be well know for steel and metals but can also do plastics: Röchling, an important German manufacturer, is now enriching the digital materials platform.

Plastics from Röchling make cars lighter, drug packages safer and improve industrial applications. With its almost 200-year history, the Mannheim-based Röchling Group is one of the most experienced plastics manufacturers in the world. The Röchling Industrial business sector serves almost all sectors of industry with optimum application-related materials. Röchling has probably the most comprehensive product portfolio of thermoplastics and thermoset plastics in the world for this purpose, from semi-finished products such as sheets, round, hollow and flat bars, moulded cast parts and profiles to machined and assembled precision components.

Platforms have potential

Since 2019, Röchling Industrial has been one of almost 50 providers on the XOM Marketplace, the digital trading platform for materials. After all, digitization is also a major topic in the plastics industry. "The question is: can we offer our customers an even better service with new digital possibilities and approaches," explains Oliver Bender, Head of Digital Projects at Röchling Industrial. "Internally, we are very busy increasing process efficiency, but of course eCommerce also plays an important role for us.
In 2020, Röchling Industrial wants to launch its own webshop, "but I also see the potential of platforms like the XOM Marketplace, where a customer has many webshops in one," says Bender. The XOM Marketplace is a digital trading platform for materials such as steel, metal or plastics. After registration, B2B buyers can use a search mask to find items from various suppliers, place orders quickly and easily or request availability - all with just a few mouse clicks.

Strengthening trade with online leads

"We see XOM Marketplace as one of many channels. We want customers to be able to buy our products online to create a new pull effect," says Oliver Bender. "The leads we generate online are passed on to our merchants. So with our online strategy, we're trying to strengthen the trade."
The advantage for providers of a digital platform is that they can quickly access an eCommerce channel. The XOM Marketplace already exists with all the structures and features required for online trading. New providers can benefit immediately. "The onboarding process at XOM went smoothly," confirms Oliver Bender. "We sent our product data to XOM via Excel and their IT experts created the articles on the Marketplace. This has been a very simple process."
The Röchling expert is convinced that digital shopping also makes sense in the B2B sector: "Professional purchasers want to buy the best possible material as simply as possible. This is what eCommerce can do - and at the same time reduce process costs.

Click here for products from Röchling Industrial.

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