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AMCO trusts the XOM Marketplace

Published on March 18, 2020

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The Bremen-based metal trader is expanding its digital strategy and is using the XOM Materials platform in addition to its own online shop.

Customers of AMCO Metall-Service GmbH benefit from a large warehouse with over 7,000 tons of aluminium, copper, brass and bronze. The Bremen-based non-ferrous metal trader also relies on e-commerce: "We put a lot of effort into designing a web shop that guarantees visitors a simple, fast and self-explanatory customer journey from the first click to the check-out process," explains AMCO Managing Director Maximilian Krämer. "Many of our customers are under time pressure every day. They really appreciate the fact that they can get the information they need in our shop with just a few clicks. This means that our users save themselves the hassle of having to engage in a complete inquiry/offer dialogue with the offline world".

Attractive for customers and suppliers

Maximilian Krämer is certain that this path is trend-setting and irreversible. "I see the medium-term future of the metal trade in a multi-channel distribution. The reduction of transaction costs is so attractive for customers and suppliers that e-commerce will play a major role in some segments, especially commodities." This would allow more inquiries to be processed per day and a higher number of orders to be generated.

A platform brings further simplification

For AMCO it was logical to participate in an online platform like the XOM Marketplace. A whole series of retailers are represented here, which brings additional advantages for buyers. "Business customers are changing their purchasing behavior. Experiences from their private online shopping world are often addressed to us as expectations. As a B2B provider, we must see this as an incentive to make our shops and platforms as user-friendly as possible."

The younger the more digital

Of course, despite all the online enthusiasm, no one is forced to order their materials only digitally. Even AMCO's customers come from different generations. "We also have online-averse customers who prefer the usual way of inquiry and offer," says Krämer. "We will gladly continue to provide them with an in-house sales representative as their contact person. I think prescribing something for the customer here would be the wrong way. We know, however, that the younger generations have a strong online affinity - and we want to do justice to this customer group."

Manufacturers, dealers and processors

AMCO is one of the largest privately managed non-ferrous metal companies in Europe, which stands out in particular due to the breadth of its range of services. The Trading Division AMCO attaches great importance to a wide range of high availability and competitive cutting capacities. In addition, AMCO manufactures aluminium cast plates and milled CNC parts or components in two further divisions. Thus, the Bremen-based company appears on the market as a manufacturer, trader and processor - with a clear focus, as the Managing Director emphasises: "It is our mission to make life as easy as possible for buyers of non-ferrous metals. As an all-round supplier, we must deliver the desired qualities quickly and under reliably fair conditions. Whether we communicate online or offline is ultimately up to the customer".

AMCO at XOM Marketplace

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