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The Next Generation of Material Procurement

Published on September 26, 2019

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At the BME Symposium for Purchasing and Logistics in Berlin, XOM Materials is presenting its new eProcurement solutions and launches a survey with a prize draw.

XOM Marketplace, a digital B2B trading platform for materials management, has existed for two years. Buyers can order steel, metals and plastics with just a few mouse clicks - the platform now combines the offerings of 43 dealers and producers.

In addition, XOM Materials also offers eProcurement solutions for steel distribution: "We want to be a comprehensive solution partner for the steel industry," says Tim Milde, COO at XOM Materials. "Our XOM Marketplace will, of course, remain at the heart of the solution, allowing suppliers to sell their products worldwide and giving buyers the advantage of finding multiple dealers on a single digital platform. This makes trading much more efficient for all sides."

In addition, XOM wants to exploit further potential with the help of digital tools. "For example, we want to make it easier to process framework agreements," says Milde. "The quantities currently required for production are often still called up by telephone. This is not exactly the most efficient way. We want to make as much information digitally available as possible as quickly as possible".

All about one app

At the BME Symposium for Purchasing and Logistics (13th to 15th November), visitors can find out about the new solutions at the XOM Materials (B4) stand. The Berlin startup intends to offer further digital services for logistics, order management and consumption planning in the future. Financing is also on the agenda. "Ultimately, we want to bring B2B trade all the advantages that already exist in the B2C world. Basically, it should also be possible to use an app in this sector for the entire trade and capacity planning. That's our vision, and we're working very hard on it," concludes Tim Milde. If you would like to visit us at the BME Symposium, you will receive a discount of 10 percent on the participation fee. Simply enter the code "Sales-10" when registering.

Win champagne

On the first day of the fair, XOM Materials launches a survey under the motto "The next generation of materials procurement". The aim is to gain more insights into the online experience of professional buyers. Anyone who wants to participate in this market study has the chance to win a bottle of champagne and some fine sweets. Buyers can participate directly at the symposium in Berlin or conveniently online. Participation is possible until 10th December 2019.

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