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Eurometal Forum: XOM Materials on the Future of Metal Trading

Published on January 3, 2020

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XOM Materials’ CCO, Tim Milde, was a panelist at the Eurometal Forum Meeting in Hamburg. Milde discussed the digital transformation of the metal industry.

The Eurometal Steel Net Forum and International Steel Trade Day took place in Hamburg on October 9, 2018. Industry participants discussed the current market landscape of global steel trading as well as other developments. XOM Materials was part of a panel discussion that focused on the digitization of the steel and materials industry. This industry is lagging behind others in designing and implementing digital processes, such as selling goods via online platforms.

The Eurometal forum explored several relevant topics, including EU and global steel trade policies as well as streamlining supply chains. Participants discussed how to optimize the steel value chain by digitizing processes, workflows, and other aspects of the business.

XOM Materials is among the businesses that are leading the industry’s digital transformation. The digital-native trading platform for steel and other materials enables both vendors and buyers to step into the digital age without heavy investments. The platform will enable enterprises to grow their online sales revenues, while making their businesses more efficient, flexible, and competitive.

“Businesses need to invest sufficient time to develop and evolve their digital sales channels,” said Tim Milde, CCO of XOM Materials. “But once they are set up on an online marketplace, they will benefit significantly, by generating new revenue streams, saving time, and building customer loyalty. While other industries have moved forward with digital adoption, most companies in the materials industry are still using the same processes they put in place decades ago. This needs to change if they want to stay competitive in the global market.”

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