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XOM Materials Opens US Office

Published on December 4, 2018

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XOM Materials is expanding globally, with the recent opening of its branch office in Atlanta, USA. The office will be XOM Materials’ beachhead in this highly attractive market, which continues to grow at a steady rate.

XOM Materials, the leading online sales platform for the materials industry, announced the opening of an office in the United States. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the branch office represents the first step of XOM Materials’ international expansion. The office will be the company’s beachhead in this highly attractive market, which continues to grow at a steady rate.

XOM Materials is changing the way manufacturing businesses are ordering their materials, such as steel, aluminum, and plastics. It enables buyers to order materials online from a range of vendors. Buyers not only have a broader choice than ever before, but also a quick and efficient way to order the materials. Vendors can add another sales channel to their portfolio and thus a new revenue stream. It also enables both buyers and vendors to optimize their businesses by becoming more flexible and efficient—and hence more competitive in the global market.

“With the opening of our Atlanta branch office, we are taking the next step in our global expansion,” said Tim Milde, CCO of XOM Materials. “The United States is one of the largest and most competitive markets for materials, including steel, aluminum, and plastics. XOM Materials’ online platform will offer buyers a new and efficient channel for purchasing materials. It will also offer suppliers an additional and easy-to-implement sales channel, and hence new revenue sources.”

The US market is an important milestone in XOM Materials’ growth strategy. Headquartered in Berlin, the company plans to open additional branch offices across Europe in the near future as well.

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