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Positive response at BAU 2019

Published on January 5, 2019

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Interest in purchasing materials via internet is high. The feedback of the visitors at our stand at the BAU 2019 was highly positive and reflects the great potential. Husemann & Hücking visits XOM at the BAU 2019.

Participation was a complete success

From 14th of January to 19th of January 2019, the world's largest trade fair for architecture, materials and systems took place at Neue Messe München - the BAU 2019. XOM Materials was present with its own stand, which received a great response from the approximately 250,000 BAU visitors from all countries. 

There was a large number of visitors at our stand and there was also great interest in our platform and our product portfolio. There were many result-oriented conversations with potential customers. 

"The visitors' interest signals to us that our platform is a perfect match for the times," sums up Tim Milde, COO of XOM Materials. "Our long-term goal is to establish our online marketplace as the number one destination for suppliers and buyers in the manufacturing industry, and to make purchasing materials as easy as possible".

XOM Materials' participation at BAU 2019 was a complete success. A renewed participation in the construction trade fair in two years is therefore already firmly planned.

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