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The steel trade digitizer

Published on February 8, 2019

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Steel Report February 2019 on the occasion of our presence at DigiDay on the 7th February 2019. Interview with Managing Director and COO Tim Milde.

On the occasion of our presence at DigiDay on 7 February 2019, the "Stahlreport" reported about us. The magazine of the Federal Association of German Steel Traders (BDS) describes XOM Materials GmbH as "one of the driving companies for networking the industry". In an interview, COO Tim Milde explains: "Through the close exchange with our customers, i.e. manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, buyers and third-party service providers, we continue to adapt to the needs of the market, which have so far not been sufficiently met, and thus help to further digitalize trade in the materials industry and make it more efficient.

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