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This is how the XOM Marketplace works

Published on January 10, 2020

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Purchasing made easy: Buyers of materials can process their orders much faster via the XOM marketplace. On our digital B2B platform, you can request quotes online and compare products with just a few mouse clicks.

It's more than a sales platform. Buyers who want to purchase steel, metal or plastics online can do so conveniently via the XOM Marketplace, which was launched in the spring of 2018. The the XOM Marketplace reduces the purchasing process to only six steps (see graphic). Faxing or telephoning is completely eliminated.

Reach multiple suppliers

After registering on xom-materials.com, customers can easily search for their desired items across all dealers present on the platform. Buyers who simply want to get a quote, can do so with the new XOM-Quote feature - and save time again. "This is enormously convenient for buyers, because instead of having to phone different vendors or browse several web shops, they can immediately reach a whole bundle of suppliers with one product request via XOM-Quote," explains Tim Milde, COO at XOM Materials.

All suppliers who have the requested items in stock automatically report back online. There's no need for follow-up and it's fast. As a rule, suppliers respond within 24 hours. Buyers may also find suppliers who were previously unknown to them. In theory, price negotiations can also take place via the XOM platform. "Of course, we don't want to completely abolish human contact," says Milde, "we just want to save as much time as possible for all those involved in materials trading. And XOM-Quote is a good example of this."

Higher service level

A Forester study on B2B business shows just how much XOM is in line with this trend. By 2020, professional buyers are projected to execute more than half of their B2B orders online. This is to be expected simply because almost every second buyer is under 35 years of age – and thus automatically a digital native. "This generation doesn't want to send faxes or call anyone anymore," Tim Milde knows. "They just want to place their quote requests or orders online and it should be as easy as ordering a fridge on Amazon. With the XOM-Marketplace and XOM-Quote, we can meet this need. In addition, the service level is increased, as the the order process time is considerably. This means that the customer can get his own products to market faster."

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