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We're making XOM a comprehensive purchasing platform

Published on January 11, 2020

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In the future, XOM will be able to handle order management and resource planning.

Two years after the successful launch of the XOM B2B platform, the programmers of the Berlin-based start-up are already working on a new solution to complement the digital marketplace. After all, there is still a lot to digitalize beyond the pure purchasing and sales processes. "In the medium term, we want to support consumers in capacity planning," explains Tim Milde, COO at XOM Materials. "Then our tool XOM-Quote would not only take over the quotation process, but we would also build a solution that supports buyers in order management and resource planning. We're making XOM a comprehensive purchasing platform."

All commodity flows at a glance

This vision is to become reality in the coming months. The expansion of XOM would save purchasers even more time because they would have a much better overview of all commodity flows and material consumption. "Buyers are currently sending their purchasing lists to the individual suppliers by e-mail, and at the same time they have to call up rolling dates and keep an eye on their buffer stocks," says Tim Milde. "At the moment there is no solution that brings all this information together in a meaningful way, that's exactly what XOM is supposed to do in the future."

All related processes could then be designed more efficiently, because the buyer can see at a glance how much material he has to order and when. In addition, it will then be possible, directly from a single view, to initiate orders with a mouse click or even quickly request a new offer for an item. "As soon as XOM is directly linked to the merchandise management system for both suppliers and end-users, we can automate much more," concludes Tim Milde. "If the material buffer for an item becomes too small, XOM could sound the alarm or trigger orders independently according to defined specifications. This is a real added value that saves time and resources."

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