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"We bet on Industry 4.0"

Published on June 23, 2020

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The Italian family business ORI MARTIN uses the XOM Marketplace for the sale of standard steels. In production, the manufacturer has been using digital tools for a long time.

With seven companies, 650 employees and an annual turnover of 400 million Euros, ORI MARTIN is a true family business. At the headquarters in Brescia, to the east of Milan, the steelworks are the heart of the group of companies, producing 200 different steel products and using the waste heat generated in the process as heating energy for the city. There is also a rolling mill in the neighboring town, operated by the Group subsidiary Ferrosider. The customers are mainly from the automotive and screw industry.

"In production we are already using Industry 4.0, now we want to improve our sales service with digital tools", explains Susanne Peiricks, Managing Director of ORI MARTIN Deutschland GmbH, who is responsible for sales in the German speaking countries from Duisburg. A tracking system can be used to determine exactly where each product is currently located, whether it is still in production or already on a truck. "This enables us to control processes more precisely and produce more cost-efficiently", says Peiricks. "It was only logical then to offer our standard steels online as well.

A quick start in eCommerce

When it came to eCommerce, ORI MARTIN chose the B2B trading platform from XOM Materials. More than 50 dealers have already chosen the XOM Marketplace, because it gives their customers the possibility to search for products and inform themselves about prices and availability online around the clock. "I see the advantage for the customers especially in the fact that they can quickly see which materials are available from which supplier without having to write an email or make a phone call", says Susanne Peiricks. 

Buyers can now order various steel long products from ORI MARTIN via the XOM Marketplace, including flat angles, T-profiles, U-profiles as well as bars and flat steels. The desired articles can be easily found by using different selection criteria.

But the online platform also has advantages for traders. "Via the dealer cockpit we always have a clear overview of all orders to which we respond online and which we can easily track," explains Susanne Peiricks. "The start into eCommerce was also very easy with XOM Materials. After data delivery, it took only a few days before XOM put us live. That was really very fast."

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