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Create and send out RFQs – It can be that easy

Published on September 7, 2021

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Create your RFQs without much effort via the intuitive user interface.

As a steel or metal buyer, creating RFQs for suppliers is part of your everyday work. Contact with different suppliers often means that different communication channels and formats are necessary. This can be time-consuming and tedious.

With XOM eProcurement, you can save valuable time and send your RFQs to all your suppliers at the same time using one single tool. 

To add your requirement to the request there are two possible ways:

1. Within the application

Enter all relevant data of your request to the form, such as product data, specifications, desired delivery date etc.

2. Via upload

If you have a large number of products, you can also save time by uploading your requirements via Excel or CSV file. 

Afterwards, you select the suppliers who should receive the request and send it with just one click.

For buyers of bundled requirements, XOM eProcurement also offers several other useful features during RFQ creation, which we explain in more detail here

By the way: On our new support area you will find many more tips for the efficient use of XOM eProcurement. 

Would you like to save time and use XOM eProcurement for your procurement in the future? Contact us and we will tell you more about how we can optimize your company's procurement process in a personal demo.

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