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It’s a match: Mapping of products from buyers & suppliers

Published on October 5, 2021

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Automated mapping reduces effort for both buyers and suppliers

In traditional procurement processes of the materials industry, a lot of time is spent on tedious manual tasks. This is something we constantly improve by developing new features for XOM eProcurement. We now have released a new function that can drastically reduce time spent on requests and quotes for buyers and suppliers: Product Mapping. 

Avoid confusion about the correct product 

During offline procurement processes, buyers and suppliers have to go through a constant back and forth with the other party to make sure they speak about the same product. This effortful comparison of product specifications is now no longer necessary, thanks to product mapping in XOM eProcurement, which automatically links products with their respective IDs on both buyer and supplier sides. 

Automated mapping reduces time and effort

Product mapping reduces effort on the buyer and supplier sides. After receiving an RFQ from a buyer, the supplier directly sees which of his products are involved thanks to the automated mapping with his product IDs. The supplier can check availabilities faster and send quotes more quickly which then shortens the process also on the buyer side.

Added value for the materials industry

Through our close contact and collaboration with relevant players from the materials industry and our developing partners, we ensure that our tools offer added value for all parties and make processes more efficient. 

Do you want to learn more about XOM eProcurement and its functionalities? Contact us and we schedule a personal demo for you.

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