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XOM Materials at European Competition Day 2020

Published on September 8, 2020

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COVID-19, digitization and system competition - Federal Minister Altmaier and Executive Vice President Vestager present ambitious agenda at the European Competition Day in Berlin. XOM Materials COO, Tim Milde, was also present. © 2020 BMWi

XOM Materials at European Competition Day 2020

XOM Materials’ COO Tim Milde appeared as speaker at the European Competition Day on September 8th, 2020 at the Federal Ministry of Economics in Berlin. There, Federal Minister Altmaier and Executive Vice President Vestager hosted the central competition policy conference to discuss current issues of the EU competition agenda. Altmaier made it clear that the current circumstances of the COVID 19 pandemic further intensify the challenges already posed by digitization and globalization. In the future, it should be clearly decided that within the framework of the digital transformation, fair competitive conditions in the platform economy and system competition with companies will be ensured.

The purpose of the platform economy - and thus also of XOM Materials - is to no longer see individual companies in the steel and materials industry as sole players, clearly separated from their customers, suppliers and competitors. XOM Materials sees a common value proposition in combining business activities. Tim Milde explicitly emphasized in his presentation that the online platform XOM Materials is an independent and autonomous company and therefore in constant exchange with the antitrust authorities. Thus, XOM Materials welcomes Altmaier's efforts to constructively support the German Presidency in order to ensure fair competition in the EU internal market.

YouTube-Video © BMWi 2020

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