Personnel announcement: Benjamin Papenfuss named new CEO of XOM Materials, Marek Sacha to leave the company

Benjamin Papenfuss has been appointed CEO of XOM Materials as of October 1, 2022. In his new position, he will be responsible for the continued development of XOM eProcurement, the fully digitalized procurement solution.

XOM Materials is Top Startup Employer!

According to a study by Statista and Business Punk, XOM Materials is one of the startups with the highest employer attractiveness.

Inquired at … Smilen Hadzhikostov – Head of Business Development at XOM Materials 

As one of the first employees at XOM Materials, Smilen Hadzhikostov, Head of Business Development, has witnessed quite a bit at XOM Materials. His personal development is also exciting. He tells us about his beginnings and tips for anyone aspiring to a similar career in this interview. 

New Customer Support section

To support you as much as possible when using our tools, we have integrated this new section on our website.

Steel in space - Eight facts about rockets, space junk and innovation

Did you also want to reach for the stars as a child? In many elementary school classes, "astronaut" is one of the most popular career aspirations. But the path to this goal is difficult to realize; only very few find their way into the aerospace industry. If you decided to pursue a career in the steel industry instead, this is the right article for you. We take a look at steel in space, space junkand the big cleanup in orbit.

Who is European Steel Champion 2020/21?

We took a look at the quarter finalists in this year's European Championship and let them compete against each other on the basis of their steel production per capita.

XOM Materials is climate neutral!

As part of the Leaders for Climate Action initiative, we have offset our CO₂ emissions.

How IT works at XOM Materials: Interview with CTO Marco Kunze

Our IT department is growing and looking for talents to join the team. CTO Marco Kunze told us what the day-to-day work and tasks in IT at XOM Materials look like. He is Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at XOM Materials and is responsible for the construction and technical implementation of XOM products. 

Security and privacy at XOM Materials

We share our approach to securing your data and safeguarding your privacy while using our tools.

XOM eProcurement launches in Brazil

XOM eProcurement is now also available for customers in Brazil.

XOM on track to become the leading digital ecosystem for the materials industry

XOM passed the GMV threshold of EUR 100 million.

Inquired at ... Alexander Bindrim - Sales Manager at XOM

Alexander Bindrim is Sales Manager E-Commerce at XOM Materials and advises customers in the field of materials purchasing regarding our eProcurement tool. We asked Mr. Bindrim about his responsibilities at XOM Materials and the functions of XOM eProcurement.

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