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How you create a Bundled RFQ as RFQ-Owner

To create a bundled RFQ, you need the role "RFQ-Owner".

1. Select the product group and the product category for which you want to make the request for quote. On the Plus Icon, you can add more products

2. Enter the product reference and the expiration date for the product managers and for the suppliers

3. Select whether you want to enable a discount negotiation or not

  • Enable discount: allows you to negotiate a percentage discount on the entire quote.
  • Disable discount: allows you to negotiate a discount on product item level.

4. Select the product manager that needs to enter the demand and then click submit

Quick tip

At the top, you can add files to the RFQ (max 3MB), for example product sketch. 

The next step will be for the Product manager to enter the demand. If you are RFQ Owner and Product Manager at the same time, you can switch the roles:

  1. On your Dashboard, click on the RFQ with the status “Open for demands”
  2. A new window will open where you can choose your user role

If you want to know how to enter a demand, read this article.

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