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XOM eProcurement
Project RFQ

(Project RFQ) Save valuable time by uploading your requirements via Excel or CSV file

Please make sure to use the template provided in the system and only use the given units. Your items are added automatically to the RFQ form. 

1. Go to "New RFQ"

2. Click on "Download Excel"

3. Enter the product data. In order to avoid error data, here is a list of the fields that are mandatory and optional:

  • branch_id: optional
  • branch_name: optional
  • material_id: optional
  • product_specification: mandatory
  • quantity: mandatory
  • quantity unit: mandatory and needs to be selected from the drop down list
  • desired delivery: mandatory
  • mill_certificate:  optional
  • comment: optional

4. Please make sure you enter the quantitiy unit and desired delivery as shown below

5. Upload the file and click “Load data”

6. The product information will be loaded automatically

7. Select the suppliers from whom you would like to receive a quote. Your request will be sent to all suppliers at once

8. Select participants to the RFQ and then click “Submit”

Quick tip

Participants can also be modified or added once the RFQ has been sent.

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