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XOM eProcurement
Project RFQ

(Project RFQ) Prepare your RFQ easily via the intuitive user interface

  1. Click on “New Project RFQ” and enter the general data for the quote.
    General data contains the name of the request, delivery address, desired delivery date and currency
  2. Set an expiry date and time.
    The expiry date is the date until which your suppliers can submit their quotes. This can be changed until a purchase order is created. In order to extend the expiry date, just overwrite the existing date and save.
  3. Insert all the required product data like dimensions and quantity into the fields. Dimensions and quantity are mandatory fields
  4. Click on “Add product item” if you want to add more products
  5. Select the suppliers from whom you would like to receive a quote
  6. Select participants to the RFQ and then click “Submit”

Quick tip

Participants can also be modified or added once the RFQ has been sent.

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