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(Project RFQs) How to find the best supplier for each request

Our innovative and user-friendly quotation matrix makes it easy for you to compare offers and helps to find the best supplier for each request.

1. On your dashboard, click on the RFQ for which the suppliers have already sent offers.

2. Click “Compare Quotes”

  • A table with all offers of your suppliers will show. On the left side, you see the product specifications and RFQ details.

  • On the right, you will see the option “Column settings”. Here you can select the fields that are relevant for you. Click “Apply changes” when your selection is complete. These settings are saved for all RFQs, also the ones you have created before. You can adjust them anytime. 

  • Scroll to the right to see all offers. 
    You can see the complete information of the quote, including the date until when prices are valid or delivery dates. 
    The best price for each position is highlighted in green to facilitate a comparison of offers.

  • A yellow information symbol will show when a supplier offered different product specifications or delivery dates. Additional costs are also shown.

3. Click on the hammer icon to negotiate a price with the supplier. After the negotiation, the price will be updated.

4. By default, the quantity you have requested is prefilled in the table. You can modify the quantity as you wish.  

5. By clicking the checkbox at the beginning of the row you choose the offer. 

  • You can allocate a specific quantity to different suppliers or select the entire offer from one of the suppliers by clicking the “All” button.
  • Additional costs (including delivery, packaging and toll costs), terms of payment and expiration of the offer are shown at the bottom of the table.

  • At the top of the cost table, you will see a line with an automatic weight calculation. If you have specified different branches, you can see the quantity per branch and plan your logistics accordingly. 

6. Click “Select & varify” when you have finalized your purchasing descision. 

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