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How to set up your product administration (list of requirements)

To set up your Product Administration (list of requirements), you need to create a
list of each material beginning with the Product Group (i.e.: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, etc) 

  1. In the menu, click on “Configuration” and then Select Product Administration (scroll down)
  2. Go to „Add Product Group“
  3. Fill in Product Group
  4. Click on “Save Product Group”

In the next step you create the Subcategory of the Product Group (i.e.: Aluminum – subcategory: sheets)

  1. Go to „Add Product Category“
  2. Fill in Product Category
  3. Select the corresponding Product group
  4. Click on “Save Product Category”

Last level is the Reference Product which contains all relevant data of the product to be ordered

  1. Go to „Add Reference product“
  2. Fill in Product Reference
  3. Select the corresponding Product Range
  4. Click on “Save Product Reference”

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