Streamline your steel and metals procurement

Enable your teams to collaborate transparently reducing the dependency from individual procurement managers. All procurement data is available to you. Procurement leaders using XOM report commercial savings of ~10%.

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Why XOM eProcurement

Cost savings

By following XOM’s procurement process your procurement managers will make less mistakes, receive more quotes and make better decisions, e.g. by comparing prices transparently.

Transparent collaboration

By centralizing all data in one location, team members can easily access the information they need and collaborate. Information on offers, counteroffers and prices becomes transparent to everyone in the team and the management.

Data ownership

Instead of data hidden in email inboxes, all procurement data will be logged and available to you. You can uncover new insights and make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

Leaders in metal distribution and metal processing trust XOM

Achieve efficiency gains of up to 30% with XOM eProcurement

Prepare and send requests

Create requests in a centralized and automated way and save time by sending them to multiple sellers with a single click.

Compare Offers

Our innovative quotation matrix helps you make quick purchasing decisions. You receive purchase recommendations based on price and availability.


Save time by negotiating prices with suppliers online. Offers are always automatically updated based on the latest negotiated prices.

Place and order

Split quantities between multiple suppliers with a single click and trigger multiple purchase orders in your ERP system via our integration.

User permissions

Invite colleagues to selected requests and keep them in the loop. No more email copies or forwarding. Implement the 4 eyes principle with ease.

Broad Supplier network

Onboard your own suppliers easily with our concierge service and get access to XOMs network broadening your procurement options.

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