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Why join the XOM Supplier Network

Increased revenue potential

Gain access to new potential buyers in the steel and metals industry. Showcase your company to interested buyers, FREE of charge, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Improved efficiency

Streamline your quoting process with our comprehensive procurement tool. Receive requests and submit quotes seamlessly within our tool.

Seamless integration

Effortlessly integrate our procurement tool with your existing systems and unlock its full potential. Instead of building integrations with dozens of buyers individually, connect to XOM once and save valuable development time and effort.

More than 200 suppliers are using XOM eProcurement

XOM eProcurement brings together industry and technology expertise to help suppliers in the steel and metals industry evolve with their business and customer demands

Receive requests

Centrally manage all requests from different buyers in a single tool. Review incoming customer requests anytime and from anywhere.

Submit quotes

Submit quotes quickly and easily with a few clicks or offer directly from your own system via our openAPI.


Save time by negotiating prices with suppliers online. Offers are always automatically updated based on the latest negotiated prices.

Offer Awarding

Receive purchase order data directly in the tool or import purchase orders directly into your ERP system via our openAPI.


Streamline and simplify the offering process through fully automated data exchange with any system you have in use via our openAPI.

Grow your business

Join our supplier network and receive requests from new customers. We help you to promote your portfolio.

Access the benefits of XOM eProcurement through our cloud-based tool or through integrations that adapt to your systems