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XOM’s knowledge of the market quickly convinced us

Published on January 9, 2020

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Husemann & Hücking now also sells its products online. Instead of having its own eShop developed, the profile supplier uses a turnkey package solution from XOM Materials.

"Our products are clearly defined, so they are well suited for e-Commerce," explains André Langer, Sales and Marketing Manager at Husemann & Hücking Profile GmbH, a specialist for open or welded special profiles and profile systems under the brand names WP PROFIL and KP scharfkant. The company, headquartered in Iserlohn, Germany, manufactures and assembles steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal profiles for a wide range of applications. 

"It was already clear to us last year that we did not want to shut ourselves off from the online world and e-commerce," says André Langer. However, it soon became clear that it was impossible to set up our own online shop. "The people acting at XOM Materials quickly convinced us with their market knowledge in the product area of steel and the steel trade. The communication and understanding of our products could be implemented quickly and very professionally".

After all, an online shop also includes other things such as data protection regulations, the uploading of product data, access regulations and customer registration - "managing and keeping an eye on all this yourself is expensive and time-consuming".

Turnkey shop solution

In fact, XOM Materials from Berlin relieves its customers of such worries. In addition to its own trading platform, the company offers professional online shops tailored to the industry, which can be integrated into the websites of dealers or producers, as a turnkey solution. "We want to be a comprehensive solution partner for the steel industry," explains Tim Milde, COO at XOM Materials. "Our XOM Marketplace will remain at the core, allowing suppliers to sell their products worldwide and giving buyers the advantage of finding multiple dealers on one digital platform. But for those who want their own digital sales channel, we offer an eShop solution that is precisely tailored to the needs of the steel trade".

Webshop + Marketplace

This makes it absolutely possible for suppliers such as Husemann & Hücking to go online with a webshop within a few weeks. The profile provider has chosen a dual strategy consisting of a shop with its own company-specific URL and a presence on the XOM Marketplace. "As a producer, however, we continue to focus on the steel trade," explains André Langer. "This means that we can pass on customer enquiries that we receive online to our dealers and thus offer the consumer the most economical processing".

The expenses for the eShop did not ultimately play a major role, as XOM works with a licensing model. In addition to the web shop, the package solution includes employee training, product consulting and all the digital services required to establish the shop on the market and make it known to potential customers. "For us, the step into eCommerce made sense at any rate," sums up André Langer, "because our special products are still unique in the online world.

Visit Husemann & Hücking's eShop here. 

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