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"The XOM Marketplace is an important additional pillar for us"

Published on June 15, 2020

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Wilhelm Jungermann GmbH from Remscheid is now also part of the B2B platform of XOM Materials - and tries to convince its own customers of the advantages of digitalization. 

When Reiner Neuhaus stands on his factory premises, he looks at 2.000 square meters of storage space, in which a seemingly endless number of steel types lie in the form of round, square or octagonal bars. "Last year we sold 4,100 tons to customers all over Europe," explains the managing director of Wilhelm Jungermann GmbH. "Our customers come from the tool industry, precision turning shops as well as the e-bike sector - so they have high demands." After all, tools and components in machines, cars or e-bikes must function reliably and last as long as possible. Wilhelm Jungermann GmbH from Remscheid offers a large portfolio of C-steels, case-hardening steels, roller bearing steels, alloyed or unalloyed tool steels, engineering steels, silver steels or heat-treatable steels for this purpose. 

Digital networking of the industry

Reiner Neuhaus is already the fourth generation of the Neuhaus family to work for the company and wants to lead it safely into the future. "I have been involved in digitization for some time now and I am also trying to convince my customers and suppliers of this. In the contract business, buyers can view the order status online and see what proportion has already been delivered or how much of their materials are still in stock. With the XOM Marketplace we also want to give consumers the opportunity to buy our steel conveniently online.

70 dealers and 1.000 buyers have already registered on the independent B2B trading platform of XOM Materials. For all parties involved, this eliminates many manual steps that are required for classic "offline trading". "Of course, we cannot and do not want to switch completely to e-commerce overnight", Neuhaus says. "After all, steel is still a product requiring a lot of advice in the area in which we operate. But the XOM Marketplace also offers customers a good overview of our portfolio and shows availability - around the clock. In addition, there are customers who know exactly what they want and who want to order their steel products with just a few mouse clicks".

Neuhaus sees a further advantage in the digital networking of the industry. "I always motivate customers and suppliers to connect with us via a digital interface, but of course this involves a certain amount of technical effort on both sides. For us it is of course easier to be connected to the XOM Marketplace, which in turn allows corporate customers to connect digitally. So everyone can easily benefit from digitalization. 

Enter online trading now

The current headquarters of Wilhelm Jungermann GmbH, founded in 1906, is located in the industrial area of Remscheid Bergisch-Born and has a large warehouse that can hold more than 3,000 tons of steel. Orders can be delivered as quickly as possible with the company's own truck. Individual special designs according to customer requirements are also possible at any time through close cooperation with manufacturers, steel processors and wire drawing companies. "The XOM Marketplace is an important additional mainstay for us", emphasizes Reiner Neuhaus. "I can only recommend to everyone to offer a digital sales channel, because my baby boomer generation will now gradually retire. The younger generations are much more familiar with the web and they expect modern e-commerce offers from the steel trade, whether via a platform or a web shop".

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