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We treat all users equally and guarantee a safe, responsible and confidential handling of your data.

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Our security measures comply with the latest and approved standards and current best practices.


Only people authorized by you can access your data. No data will be revealed to third parties. 


We strictly follow the rigorous requirements of the GDPR when handling personal data. 

Your data is in safe hands with us

At XOM Materials, we know exactly how sensitive and confidential the data exchanged via our software solution is for our customers and users. That’s why the protection and security of all data is a top priority for our company. We meet the strict requirements of the German Bundeskartellamt, which has examined and confirmed our independence from investors.

Security audits by external companies on a regular basis as well as technical and organizational security measures ensure that confidential business data cannot
 be accessed by unauthorized parties – neither by investors nor by other market players. Passing our strict authentication process is a prerequisite for accessing our solutions and verifies that the visibility of price and availability information is limited to the users for whom it is intended. 

Technical and organizational security measures:

We check the security of our infrastructure and applications by independent external audits.

Our infrastructure uses the latest encryption standards (AES-256).

We do not grant access to data that may distort competition. 

We ensure that price information is only exchanged between buyers and their suppliers and is not
visible to third parties on the platform.

The German Bundeskartellamt has examined and confirmed our independence.

Our investors commit themselves by means of a standstill agreement to refrain from requests for
information and inspection, in particular those according to § 51 a (1) GmbHG. Furthermore, our
management is authorized to refuse any critical requests for information or inspection.

We pay strict attention to compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

We do not sell any data on purchasing behavior.

We are counselled by independent legal advisors.

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