XOM on track to become the leading digital ecosystem for the materials industry

XOM passed the GMV threshold of EUR 100 million.

How to make your supply chain more resilient with B2B marketplaces

Industry-specific B2B marketplaces are on the rise as they address some of the biggest challenges associated with manufacturers' B2B transactions. Visit IDC PeerScape to learn how to better predict potential risks in your supply chain and make supply chain operations more resilient. XOM Materials was mentioned as one of the pioneers.

Stahlmarkt: Webshops for steel traders get a positive response

The magazine "stahlmarkt" reported in the March issue about XOM eShop: "Sellers can increase their efficiency, expand their customer base and open up new markets with their own web shop".
Download the article from the March issue here.

Handelsblatt "The old economy strikes back"

In its issue 29/2020, the leading German-language business newspaper Handelsblatt reports on industry purchasing platforms, and XOM Marketplace is also mentioned as an example.

A digital marketplace makes perfect sense

The magazine Stahlreport from the Bundesverband Deutscher Stahlhandel (BDS AG) reported on Otto Zickwolff GmbH in issue 03-2020. 

Klöckner & Co: Steeling for a Digital World

Hoping to get ahead of potential digital disruption at Klöckner & Co. - one of the world's largest steel and metal distributors - CEO Gisbert Rühl set up both kloeckner.i (KCI), an internal transformation arm, and XOM Materials (XOM), an independent industry platform.

Digitization of the materials industry

Our COO Tim Milde looks back at the first year of XOM Materials in detail in the May issue of "Stahl + Technik" and explains how we intend to digitize materials trading with the XOM marketplace and the advantages this brings.

Edelstahl aktuell: The language of digitalization

"Edelstahl Aktuell" visited us in our new offices in Berlin-Mitte and interviewed our management.

Russian Steel Giants Plan to Go Online With European Sales

As European steel demand comes under growing pressure, two big suppliers to the bloc are betting on online stores to help attract new clients.

Stahlmarkt: The gentle entry into online business

To mark the first anniversary of the XOM marketplace, the trade magazine "Stahlmarkt" visited us and took stock.

The steel trade digitizer

Steel Report February 2019 on the occasion of our presence at DigiDay on the 7th February 2019. Interview with Managing Director and COO Tim Milde.

Opportunities for New Technologies

Technology significantly changes the steel industry. Companies, which are adopting technologies will continue to be successful in the future as well, was the conclusion of the Klöckner Forum “Value-add Technology”.

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