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(Project RFQ) How you can create a quote directly in the application

You can easily submit a quotation by filling in the quotation form.

  1. On your dashboard, select the RFQ that is open for quotes
  2. Click “Make a Quote”
  3. The quote details are shown. At the top, you can change the delivery date if necessary
  4. On the right hand side, select the unit price and enter the price for all the products
  5. Indicate additional or included costs. When adding additional costs, the total price is automatically updated
  6. You can offer alternative product specifications. Click "Offer different specifications"
  7. Enter the specifications of the alternative offer.
  8. At the bottom page, you can specify delivery, packaging and toll costs
  9. Next you specify terms of payment
  10. Select the date until which the prices are valid then click "Send quote"
  11. A Pop-Up Window will open, where you have to confirm the quote
Quick tip

If needed, you can add comments per product or add a comment for the entire offer, at the bottom of the page.

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