Reduce your entire procurement process to a few clicks

Use XOM eProcurement to simplify your purchasing and reduce tedious manual tasks

Supplier Management allows you to integrate your suppliers and manage procurement in a single tool - from sending out requests for quotations to negotiations and purchase orders. All necessary information is available to you anytime and anywhere.


in just a few steps
Make requests

You create an RFQ based on your needs and send it to your preferred sellers.

Get offers

You receive offers in our easy-to-use tool.

Compare offers

You compare the offers in one single overview, sorted by prices and delivery options.


You discuss prices, delivery, and more with the sellers through our tool.

Place an order

The RFQ easily transforms into an order.

Companies that fail to digitize are simply throwing money away. Over the last four years, we have managed to increase sales by 50 percent thanks to digitization.

C.E. Schneckenflügel

The company sees digitization as an opportunity to optimize processes. By automating its procurement process, it hopes to save costs and enhance the efficiency of its business.

Rolf Eiting, CEO of C.E. Schneckenflügel

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Create and send out RFQs – It can be that easy

Create your RFQs without much effort via the intuitive user interface.

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New Customer Support section

To support you as much as possible when using our tools, we have integrated this new section on our website.

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XOM Materials is climate neutral!

As part of the Leaders for Climate Action initiative, we have offset our CO₂ emissions.

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